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    communication designer + artist

POV3—Discussion and Forum App

UX/UI Case Study, User Interface Design

Erica Holeman

Team Members:
Aubrey Barnes︎︎︎
Britney Rodelas︎︎︎

Graphis New Talent 2023:
Honorable Mention

POV3 is an application designed for teens & adults who seek respectful discourses in the age of misinformation and pre-conceived bias, particularly toward political topics. By providing 3 articles from opposing perspectives for each topic, anonymous profiles, and crowd-sourcing fact-checking engine, POV3 aim to provide a neutral space that encourage critical thinking and respectful discussions.


Kris Norman
24, New York

An undergraduate college student who is concious of the social issues around him. Kris wants a platform where he can see different sources of news to understand opposing perspectives other than his own.

Jacob Marshall
70, Oregon

A married and retired chiropractor with strong memory who wants to learn a new skill. He enjoys his time with his grandchildren and reading with his favorite screen reader.

Informational Architecture

Special Features

Home Screen

Every headline provides three articles from three various sources. One from a conservative, a liberal, and a neutral platform. Without signaling which is which, this allows readers to form their own opinions.


Preset profile pictures and randomized usernames preserve anonymity. The lack of identifying details helps to reinforce a bias-free and safe space for discussion.

New Topic Templates

Templates create a safer environment for the user and keeps discussions open, framing each discussion as a question and not as a statement.


“Flag comment” feature allow user to report and remove inappropriate comments

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